Pay with Bitcoins - It Does Not Get Any Easier

Pay with Bitcoins – It Does Not Get Any Easier

Although the future of Bitcoin is still uncertain, Bitcoin is already a popular means of payment on the Internet. Anyone interested in the digital money has the possibility to buy bitcoins and then buy them online. Bitcoins can get users in different ways. About a cash exchange with private individuals or via Bitcoin marketplaces.

However, before trading with bitcoins is possible, it is necessary to open an account. For this, the Bitcoin client must be downloaded online and then installed on its own computer. When the file is opened for the first time, the shared database of the network is first downloaded. This process can take several hours. With the installation, each user gets their own Bitcoin address, and the file wallet.dat is stored on the PC, which identifies the user as the owner of the respective address.

For proper protection, the wallet.dat file should be stored on a USB stick or an external hard disk. This is protected in case of a defect in the hard disk. In order to prevent theft of the bitcoins by hackers, it is recommended to encrypt the file in addition to a suitable program.

After the installation is complete and appropriate safety measures have been taken, it can actually start. Paying with Bitcoins is not complicated anymore; in the case of a transfer, it is sufficient to specify the sum and the Bitcoin address. Within a few minutes, the digital money will be on the recipient’s account.

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